My Squish Collection Begins!

Phew! Big apologies to all my lovely readers! I haven’t posted in wayyy too long as I have been so busy. Totally unacceptable, of course! Free time has gone mainly toward naps and that will be changing very soon! I want to make a brief post featuring my preciously adorable Teeturtle Minis that I have become obsessed with as of this spring/summer. It began when I picked up the lil blue guy at Heroes and Villains fest in Chicago this spring. I recently grabbed the lil rainbow guy in honor of pride month 2018 at Wizard World Columbus. I plan on grabbing a new one at each con to represent each city! However, if you aren’t that patient, you can grab them all right here! Don’t forget to show me pics of your sweet lil plushies on Instagram by tagging #urbanmermaid and check out the Teeturtle page at @teeturtle and @teeturtleminis

Happy summer!!





For The Shelter Cats on New Years…

Happy New Year’s Eve, guys!! 2018 is closely creeping upon us! This year went by WAY too fast for me, but I must remind myself of how blessed I am with what I’ve done, learned and experienced this year!

I am writing this post for a special reason. Sure, I could post glittery New Years pics of me “partying” (which I may), or pics of me and my friends being black-out wasted (which I won’t)! But to all who read this, there is something I want you to do. There is an issue in this world that, if you’ve kept up with me in the past, you know is hugely important to me.

As you ring in the new year at midnight tonight, please take a moment to think of the animals that are currently in shelters and in need of rescue!

I ask you to add it to your list of resolutions for 2018 to bring a new family member home from a shelter. If that isn’t possible for whatever reason, please make it a priority to donate to a local shelter or pledge for the rescue of an animal that needs your help! I promise you will find deep satisfaction in doing so!

To give you some place to start, I’ve included a list of cat rescues that take donations and places that you can go to adopt. You may remember my previous post here about cat rescues that you can donate to from anywhere. Some of those are on this list too, some are new ones. So here they are:

  • Bronx Stray Cats

Instagram: @bronxstraycats

This is a cat rescue/foster in (you guessed it!) The Bronx. They have an Amazon wishlist here and if you are in the Bronx area, you’re in luck! They have sweet babies available for adoption.

  • Ziggy And Friends Cat Rescue

Instagram: @ziggyandfriendscatrescue

I’ve mentioned this one before, but decided to add it again because I feel strongly about their mission. They give cats on “death row” a second chance which is so wonderful!! Their website is here and if you are in the SoCal area, you can rescue one of these precious kitties and take one home!

  • Downey Rescue Network

Instagram: @downeyrescuenetwork

This is a serious one because they network cats from the high-kill Downey Shelter in LA. They work to find fosters and permanent homes for the cats that come into this horrible shelter! If your are outside of the Los Angeles area, you can still make pledges towards the shelter cats for rescues.

  • Street Cats of LA

Instagram: @streetcatsofla

This is another lovely street rescue that also networks cats from the high-kill Downey Animal Shelter. They have an Amazon wishlist as well.

  • Shelter Cats of LA


This one is also in LA, so if you’re in the area there’s plenty of resources for you to utilize when deciding to bring a shelter baby home! They work with several shelters in the area, including Downey.

  • Paul The Cat Guy

Instagram: @paulthecatguy


This is a rescue located in NYC, and I love seeing the heartwarming rescue and recovery stories he posts about the cats that come to him!

  • Baldwin Park Shelter Cats

Instagram: @baldwinparksheltercats

This one is also located in LA. They have a Facebook page here and contact information can be found on either Instagram or Facebook! They network cats from the Baldwin Park Shelter.

And of course, keep your local shelters in mind when looking to add a new addition to your family this year! Rescue a cat with an urgent need for a home if possible, and donate to support your local no-kill shelters!

To wrap this up, I also want to remind you that black cats, unfortunately, are the most overlooked cats in shelters and the least likely to be adopted. With that being said, please consider giving a little black bundle of fluff a forever home! It’s totally NOT bad luck!!!

Have a save and happy New Year’s Eve and remember to adopt, don’t shop! ๐Ÿ’•

Comfy Summer Gray Look

Ok, so the sweater isn’t exactly weather appropriate right now (it’s freakin’ hot) but this cute sweater my bestie gave me from French Connectionย is awesome because it’s flowy and the perfect item to carry around in case of a nippy air conditioning encounter!

These yoga pants from Material Girl are actually one of the main go-to staples in my wardrobe. I’m surprised I haven’t worn them out yet completely! I’m actually dead serious on this one.

Of course, the Michael Kors bag is self-explanatory, and you can get one of these cute string tie suede choker necklaces from here!

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Summer One-Piece 2017

So I haven’t worn a one piece bathing suit in a loooonnngggg time, I think since I was literally 10 or 11! But they’re back…and I’m SO glad I found this awesome one from Kenneth Cole!ย I almost got an all black one with a strappy design, but something told me to go back and try on a few more! This was the winner over the black strappy one I found and an olive green Michael Kors one piece! You can also find the awesome red sunnies right here!

Product Review: Origins Pressed Powder

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! Don’t worry, I am still here! But now that summer has arrived and I’m out of hybernation, I’ve been feeling MUCH more motivated. I wanted to post my review of a powder I recently purchased, since I’m sure I have plenty of readers who want info about this stuff! 

You may have heard of it. The brand is called “Origins” and the first thing about it that I love is that it’s cruelty-free and animal friendly. The makeup lady as Macy’s recommended it when I asked for something that would keep me from getting “shiny” as the day wears on. 

To be fair, I have MUCH more oily skin than most people so I have found that if I put it on in the morning, I do have to re-apply just a tiny bit to my nose and forehead once or twice during the day. But that is still nothing compared to the cheaper brands I’ve tried. For the “average” persons skin, it should keep you matte all day long! 

The only downside to this product is the price tag. About $30 to be honest. Yes it’s a lot for a compact, but keep in mind you will be using it a lot less than the cheaper powder brands. 

This one in particular doesn’t come with SPF, but many of their other products do. Origins also offers loose powder as well, but I prefer the compact as it’s easier to carry with me and I don’t need to worry about spills. I got the Caramel Mousse shade to keep from diminishing the look of my summer tan of course! It has a nice, natural look and it doesn’t look obvious that you’re wearing it. So my final word? Yes, I would definitely recommend this powder if you’re looking for an awesome concealer that lasts on your skin and does it’s job like a champ! You can buy it here or check out their website here!