Weeny Opens his KitNip Box!

Happy Caturday furriends! We are so thankful for the lovely folks over at KitNip Box who have sent goodies! Weeny had a blast just opening it! This one happened to be rock n’ roll themed, and his first pick was the little “Hiss” T-shirt. KitNip Box is a kitty subscription box that offers high quality goods and healthy treats for your fur-babies! It comes with a list of all the goodies inside, so you know exactly what your little one is getting. Here’s the list for Weeny’s box:He absolutely loves everything so far! The little T-shirt and crinkle pillow seem to be his favorites. They even included some healthy treats! Click right here to visit their website and grab your own KitNip Box subscription!! Follow their Instagram at @kitnipbox and tag your posts #kitnipbox to show them some love!!


My Squish Collection Begins!

Phew! Big apologies to all my lovely readers! I haven’t posted in wayyy too long as I have been so busy. Totally unacceptable, of course! Free time has gone mainly toward naps and that will be changing very soon! I want to make a brief post featuring my preciously adorable Teeturtle Minis that I have become obsessed with as of this spring/summer. It began when I picked up the lil blue guy at Heroes and Villains fest in Chicago this spring. I recently grabbed the lil rainbow guy in honor of pride month 2018 at Wizard World Columbus. I plan on grabbing a new one at each con to represent each city! However, if you aren’t that patient, you can grab them all right here! Don’t forget to show me pics of your sweet lil plushies on Instagram by tagging #urbanmermaid and check out the Teeturtle page at @teeturtle and @teeturtleminis

Happy summer!!




Biting Into Some Yummy Tide Pods!

Well, 2018 has brought the Internet from drinking bleach to eating those tasty-looking Tide Pods. I know, I know! Shortly after scrolling through Instagram and seeing the memes, I had an idea pop into my head! Sorry guys, I just could NOT resist!! Here’s how I whipped up some quick (but tasty) Tide Pod candies! And I’m sure you all know this but…don’t eat the real ones!!!!!

1. White chocolate

If you aren’t familiar with melting chocolate chips, here’s a little tip. If you are familiar, feel free to skip my rambling!

Boil some water in a relatively large pot. Place the chocolate in something that sits ON TOP of the boiling water, such as a bowl you can heat up or another pot. I happened to have a perfect metal bowl!

2. Forming the chocolates

White chocolate is a bit more difficult to melt than regular chocolate as it doesn’t get as smooth. Therefore it’s harder to shape. I did what I could with it as far as shaping it on the tray. Chocolate molds will also work! At this point, you can pop it in the freezer!

3. Mix some icing!

I couldn’t find gel icing in the right colors (I know, I was being lazy) but I decided to use this kind anyway because it tastes better. You need some blue coloring for a blue batch, and red-orange for the rest. I divided a can of vanilla icing in half for this.

4. Icing bags! YAY!

A bag of red and a bag of blue! I used plastic wrap and my smallest nozzle.

5. Decorate!

This is where you’ll make the swirl pattern before popping them back into the freezer! Leave them in until the icing gets hard.

6. Plastic wrap

Wrap each one with small cling wrap pieces until you get that plastic shiny look. This will also keep the icing from smudging until you are ready to serve them.

7. Party!

Serve them to friends for some LOLs! Enjoy!!

For The Shelter Cats on New Years…

Happy New Year’s Eve, guys!! 2018 is closely creeping upon us! This year went by WAY too fast for me, but I must remind myself of how blessed I am with what I’ve done, learned and experienced this year!

I am writing this post for a special reason. Sure, I could post glittery New Years pics of me “partying” (which I may), or pics of me and my friends being black-out wasted (which I won’t)! But to all who read this, there is something I want you to do. There is an issue in this world that, if you’ve kept up with me in the past, you know is hugely important to me.

As you ring in the new year at midnight tonight, please take a moment to think of the animals that are currently in shelters and in need of rescue!

I ask you to add it to your list of resolutions for 2018 to bring a new family member home from a shelter. If that isn’t possible for whatever reason, please make it a priority to donate to a local shelter or pledge for the rescue of an animal that needs your help! I promise you will find deep satisfaction in doing so!

To give you some place to start, I’ve included a list of cat rescues that take donations and places that you can go to adopt. You may remember my previous post here about cat rescues that you can donate to from anywhere. Some of those are on this list too, some are new ones. So here they are:

  • Bronx Stray Cats

Instagram: @bronxstraycats


This is a cat rescue/foster in (you guessed it!) The Bronx. They have an Amazon wishlist here and if you are in the Bronx area, you’re in luck! They have sweet babies available for adoption.

  • Ziggy And Friends Cat Rescue

Instagram: @ziggyandfriendscatrescue

I’ve mentioned this one before, but decided to add it again because I feel strongly about their mission. They give cats on “death row” a second chance which is so wonderful!! Their website is here and if you are in the SoCal area, you can rescue one of these precious kitties and take one home!

  • Downey Rescue Network

Instagram: @downeyrescuenetwork

This is a serious one because they network cats from the high-kill Downey Shelter in LA. They work to find fosters and permanent homes for the cats that come into this horrible shelter! If your are outside of the Los Angeles area, you can still make pledges towards the shelter cats for rescues.

  • Street Cats of LA

Instagram: @streetcatsofla

This is another lovely street rescue that also networks cats from the high-kill Downey Animal Shelter. They have an Amazon wishlist as well.

  • Shelter Cats of LA

Instagram: @shelter.cats.of.la

This one is also in LA, so if you’re in the area there’s plenty of resources for you to utilize when deciding to bring a shelter baby home! They work with several shelters in the area, including Downey.

  • Paul The Cat Guy

Instagram: @paulthecatguy

PayPal: paul@paulthecatguy.com

This is a rescue located in NYC, and I love seeing the heartwarming rescue and recovery stories he posts about the cats that come to him!

  • Baldwin Park Shelter Cats

Instagram: @baldwinparksheltercats

This one is also located in LA. They have a Facebook page here and contact information can be found on either Instagram or Facebook! They network cats from the Baldwin Park Shelter.

And of course, keep your local shelters in mind when looking to add a new addition to your family this year! Rescue a cat with an urgent need for a home if possible, and donate to support your local no-kill shelters!

To wrap this up, I also want to remind you that black cats, unfortunately, are the most overlooked cats in shelters and the least likely to be adopted. With that being said, please consider giving a little black bundle of fluff a forever home! It’s totally NOT bad luck!!!

Have a save and happy New Year’s Eve and remember to adopt, don’t shop! πŸ’•

Pine Cone Elves

So these pine cone elves happened, and how freakin’ adorable are they?! I had to write a post for them just because I think their lil faces are so precious! They’re pretty self explanatory, just pine cones, pom poms (the eyes are tiny pom poms) pipe cleaners, hot glue, and prepare for a huge glitter mess! Next time I’ll probably use white glitter puffy paint to eliminate the mess. Finding the right pine cones is a bit of a challenge, but once you get good ones they’re so freakin’ cute!!

Comfy Summer Gray Look

Ok, so the sweater isn’t exactly weather appropriate right now (it’s freakin’ hot) but this cute sweater my bestie gave me from French ConnectionΒ is awesome because it’s flowy and the perfect item to carry around in case of a nippy air conditioning encounter!

These yoga pants from Material Girl are actually one of the main go-to staples in my wardrobe. I’m surprised I haven’t worn them out yet completely! I’m actually dead serious on this one.

Of course, the Michael Kors bag is self-explanatory, and you can get one of these cute string tie suede choker necklaces from here!

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