Biting Into Some Yummy Tide Pods!

Well, 2018 has brought the Internet from drinking bleach to eating those tasty-looking Tide Pods. I know, I know! Shortly after scrolling through Instagram and seeing the memes, I had an idea pop into my head! Sorry guys, I just could NOT resist!! Here’s how I whipped up some quick (but tasty) Tide Pod candies! And I’m sure you all know this but…don’t eat the real ones!!!!!

1. White chocolate

If you aren’t familiar with melting chocolate chips, here’s a little tip. If you are familiar, feel free to skip my rambling!

Boil some water in a relatively large pot. Place the chocolate in something that sits ON TOP of the boiling water, such as a bowl you can heat up or another pot. I happened to have a perfect metal bowl!

2. Forming the chocolates

White chocolate is a bit more difficult to melt than regular chocolate as it doesn’t get as smooth. Therefore it’s harder to shape. I did what I could with it as far as shaping it on the tray. Chocolate molds will also work! At this point, you can pop it in the freezer!

3. Mix some icing!

I couldn’t find gel icing in the right colors (I know, I was being lazy) but I decided to use this kind anyway because it tastes better. You need some blue coloring for a blue batch, and red-orange for the rest. I divided a can of vanilla icing in half for this.

4. Icing bags! YAY!

A bag of red and a bag of blue! I used plastic wrap and my smallest nozzle.

5. Decorate!

This is where you’ll make the swirl pattern before popping them back into the freezer! Leave them in until the icing gets hard.

6. Plastic wrap

Wrap each one with small cling wrap pieces until you get that plastic shiny look. This will also keep the icing from smudging until you are ready to serve them.

7. Party!

Serve them to friends for some LOLs! Enjoy!!