CandyLipz Lip Plumper Review!

Yyyouch!! This one is a cool idea in theory, but it was a bit painful for me and left some unpleasant side effects! I had heard both good and bad things from people about these lip treatments, so I figured I would try it for myself since I wanted something done to my lips for a long time now. My bottom lip is really full and my top does NOT match!! I was hesitant after seeing what some ppl look like with lip injections šŸ˜µšŸ˜µšŸ˜µ and decided I would want a more “natural” approach if possible. When CandyLipz agreed to send me their product, my dumb ass assumed I would be getting a lipgloss with “plumper” in it. So that was my bad!! Anyway, I was super happy to have gotten not just one, but TWO plumping devices both in adorable lil boxes!!

The big one is the black and white one, and the apple is the “mini.” They are food-grade silicone and super cute! The big one came with a lil timer that you can either set for 2 or 4 minuets. Oh, and an awfully thick lil instruction manual that I probably should have read more in depth, but being the impatient person I am, I skimmed through it and went ahead with the treatment. I tried the large one first (maybe should’ve done the little one?!) You’re supposed to squeeze the air out, pucker your lips and put them in the opening, and release the pump while leaving the suction on your lips for either 2 or 4 minuets. I did 2. I DON’T RECOMMEND 4!!!!

OUCH! This thing hurt, but I pushed through it. It was my first time doing the treatment and figured it would hurt since I wasn’t used to it. And here’s the result:

UGHHH! My top lip did get a bit bigger but…THAT MARK!! I guess I put too much of my lips in there? My warning to you all is that these devices seem to work by literally breaking the capillaries in your lips and could do the same around your mouth if you aren’t careful! This was Saturday night, and it’s now Tuesday as I write this. The mark is still there but is diminishing. My lips also have a purple-ish tint in a few spots. As for the mark, I’ve been putting concealer on that shit and going about my day, but please if you try this BE CAREFUL!! Once the mark goes away, I do plan on using the small one with less suction and only putting a little bit of my lips in there. I am SO NOT getting a mark like this again!!

So my final rating for this product would have to be…

The packaging was way cute, CandyLipz is super nice for sending me both the big one and little one, and I may have used the product wrong. But that mark earns this thing some points off! I will be giving it another chance and hopefully writing another post when I figure out the secret to using it right!!



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