Weird Beauty Secret: To Tape or Not To Tape?

You’ve most likely heard of a million different solutions or products geared toward women (and guys) who want to get rid of fine lines or wrinkles. Let me just say, I know I’m WAYYYY too young to be having this problem! It would seem the only real, promising solution is surgery. But after reading through different forums and comments on the internet, I’ve noticed I’m not the only 20-something having this issue. I’ve seen quite a few young women complaining of fine lines, mostly “smile lines.” This is what was bothering me the most, so I did some research.

After watching some YouTube reviews on various face-tape and sticky-like products, I read the comments and noticed people mentioning surgical paper tape.

Yep, that cheap gauze tape from the bandage section of the drug store.

So I tried it, and I want to share my experience with you guys! It’s NOT easy to admit to the whole internet, of course. It’s a somewhat embarrassing problem that I usually bitch about to close friends on FaceTime…in my robe….with my face covered in tape. But alas, this is what drives me insane pretty much every day, and what I’ve done about it:

You can see the line is not as deep and more of a “surface line.” However, you do have to do this all the time, preferably every night for the best results. The internet seems to be full of articles written by people whining about how this doesn’t really work. Well, that is because you have to keep doing it, and there is no guarantee since one persons skin is not going to be the same as another’s. You will most likely see results happen slowly over time. This is why it’s not considered a “permanent fix.” It does, however, make my skin feel and look tighter in the morning when done right!

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should find the stiffest tape possible!! This is actually very important. The flimsy dollar store tape may give you some results, but could leave you with residual lines once you remove the tape.

Don’t be alarmed, though. Those will disappear as the morning wears on. But the better solution is to just avoid the cheap tape (lesson learned!!) It may also take a few tries to get the hang of it, since everyone’s face is different.

If this is something you want to try, here’s a few key points to sum things up:

•place tape long ways along the “wrinkle”

•make sure your face is clean

•you may do this after your nightly skin care routine

• always use the stiffest tape possible

•be sure to use tape that is meant for skin, NEVER use masking tape or any other tape not in the bandage section!! It could have chemicals on it that you don’t want on your skin!😵

Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments! XO


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