Product Review: Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick!

I was SO EXCITED when I received this lil present in the mail from Milk Makeup and couldn’t wait to talk about this one! This is the Blur Stick by Milk Makeup.Before we get into the actual use of this product on my skin, let’s begin with item #1. It’s cruelty free! As a total animal lover, this makes me very happy and I’m always pleased to see more brands moving toward cruelty free products. Milk Makeup states on their website, “Yes, all of our products are cruelty-free. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals and we do not retail in any country that requires animal testing.” YAYY!

That being said, let’s talk about presentation. OMG THE PACKAGING!! I was so happy when I got to open this up!It came in an awesome little zipper bag that I can reuse, and did I mention the stickers? Heheeee!

This was my first experience with Milk Makeup, and at this point they’d already made me quite happy. But the real question is, how good is their product? So I’ll start by giving you the old back-of-the-hand comparison:Yeah, I know, my hands aren’t pretty and I have some awesome veins. So, the point of the Blur Stick is to eliminate shine, minimize pores, and keep skin soft so that makeup goes on smooth. After a few coats, it does do what it says it’s supposed to! You can tell from the second image that my hands are less shiny. You can also tell the pores are less visible. A huge selling point for this product is that it works on all skin tones despite the color it looks like in the tube!

As for my face, it keeps the smooth feeling throughout the day after I apply my makeup, without feeling oily. This product is awesome if you have oily skin because it eliminates shine without drying your face!

Have you tried it? Do u hope to try it in the future? Let me know your thoughts on instagram at @stephaniepicss and tag #urbanmermaid! You can grab some at and tag them @milkmakeup #liveyourlook 💖


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