Product Review: Lancôme Sourcils Styler Brow Gel

Hello everyone! I am back with another product review! This time I’ll be talking about the Sourcils Styler Brow Gel by Lancôme. I recently received a freebie tube of this product in exchange for my honest review. So here it is!

This gel comes in a tube very similar to a mascara brush, only smaller. The color I received is Brun (03). It’s a good idea to be careful when applying this because it can come out rather dark. You don’t need to use a whole lot for it to show up on your brows. I began by applying it before the rest of my eyebrow routine.

You can tell it’s definitely there, but as for me, it wasn’t enough to rescue my scary eyebrows in and of itself. They may not look so scary now, but that’s after years of plucking, shaving, and trying many different methods to get them to look human! I suppose I could post my prom picture or my college ID photo as proof of the disaster that I’ve been keeping under control for so long, but to be perfectly honest I don’t want ANYONE to have to see that!! Anyway…

After applying the Sourcils Styler Brow Gel, I went on with my normal brow wax/ powder routine using my regular angle brush. It definitely gave my brows more thickness and definition when used in addition to my brow powder.

So my final word? Yes, it’s an awesome product and I would definitely recommend it. But if you have eyebrows that need a little (or a LOT) of extra love, this gel won’t be enough in and of itself. Use it as part of your brow routine, but maybe don’t let your brows rely on this alone! If you want a nice boost to your beauty routine, you can get it here!

Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments or post and tag #urbanmermaid on Instagram!💜


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