Product Review: Origins Pressed Powder

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! Don’t worry, I am still here! But now that summer has arrived and I’m out of hybernation, I’ve been feeling MUCH more motivated. I wanted to post my review of a powder I recently purchased, since I’m sure I have plenty of readers who want info about this stuff! 

You may have heard of it. The brand is called “Origins” and the first thing about it that I love is that it’s cruelty-free and animal friendly. The makeup lady as Macy’s recommended it when I asked for something that would keep me from getting “shiny” as the day wears on. 

To be fair, I have MUCH more oily skin than most people so I have found that if I put it on in the morning, I do have to re-apply just a tiny bit to my nose and forehead once or twice during the day. But that is still nothing compared to the cheaper brands I’ve tried. For the “average” persons skin, it should keep you matte all day long! 

The only downside to this product is the price tag. About $30 to be honest. Yes it’s a lot for a compact, but keep in mind you will be using it a lot less than the cheaper powder brands. 

This one in particular doesn’t come with SPF, but many of their other products do. Origins also offers loose powder as well, but I prefer the compact as it’s easier to carry with me and I don’t need to worry about spills. I got the Caramel Mousse shade to keep from diminishing the look of my summer tan of course! It has a nice, natural look and it doesn’t look obvious that you’re wearing it. So my final word? Yes, I would definitely recommend this powder if you’re looking for an awesome concealer that lasts on your skin and does it’s job like a champ! You can buy it here or check out their website here!


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