Grow Badass Nails With a Few Simple Tricks! 

No, I didn’t glue those on. I grew them myself. I wasn’t born with perfectly strong nails, either. They used to suck and I had trouble growing them long because they would peel. So yes, if you follow a few simple steps, you CAN grow nice nails! Here are some things I’ve tried that have given me awesome results:

  • Biotin (Vitamin B7)

You can grab a bottle of Biotin at the drugstore or health food store for not very expensive. It didn’t take long for me to see results once I started taking them. Biotin is important for keeping an overall youthful appearance because it keeps hair, skin and nails strong.

  • Vitamin C

Since your body doesn’t naturally make it’s own vitamin C, It’s important to get it either by taking vitamins or following a diet naturally rich in vitamin C.

  • Give them some air!

If you take your nail polish or acrylics off and notice that your nails look yellow underneath, leave them bare for a while. Yeah, I know that goes against some girls entire way of existence, but trust me, just giving your nails air and sunlight once in a while does wonders! After all, they do need some oxygen!

  • Moisturize your cuticles

Keeping your cuticles moist (especially during cold weather season) is the best way to keep them looking smooth and keep those stupid hangnails away! I recommend this one.

  • Wear dish gloves

It’s better to have some protection while cleaning dishes (or anything else, for that matter) so your nails have less chance of chipping or getting exposed to chemicals that could damage them.

  • Clean your tools

If you do your own nails, your best bet is to use metal tools and clean them! Leave them in a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol, and let them chill while you go and do something else! This will help keep any nasty bacteria from possibly spreading.

  • Don’t bite them!

I know, easier said than done. But if you can remember, carry a file with you if you can. That way you’ll be prepared if you hit a snag (pun intended)!

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