What’s In My Beauty Bag? 

Let’s be honest….in 2016 when every other girl seems to wear a thousand pounds of makeup (at least that’s how it looks on everyone’s Instagram selfies) I don’t do much to my own face these days. That being said, I’m making it a new years resolution to start giving a crap about my appearance again! Hazzahhhh!! I do, however, end up buying an awful lot of makeup that I don’t get around to using often… while some things are necessities I can’t be without.

Once upon a time, I was doing cake-face on a daily basis. Now that I’m focusing on being a good wifey, my makeup has fallen way down on my priority list. I only have two people to impress (me and my boo) and most of the time I’m not concerned with impressing myself! The issue is, I need to like me, too.

Here I’ll be sharing the contents of my beauty bag, what I use the most, and what I’ve been neglecting!

The contour palette! I haven’t been doing a lot of dramatic contouring, but a little bit sometimes goes a long way. These bitches be walking around with dark un-blended lines on their faces…so I try not to go TOO overboard with this one! Or at least blend the lines in.

P.S: It comes with an eyebrow kit which is amazing! When you literally have (almost) the worlds worst eyebrows, this is an essential part of your daily routine! Get one right here.

Gotta have concealer, and this one has lasted me a long ass time since you don’t need to use too much of it! It also adjusts well with powder and bronzer.

…Which leads me to powder! You can tell I use it A LOT! But that’s because I have more oily skin then most. *Sigh…*

You can tell I use bronzer an awful lot too, and that’s because I don’t use blush at all. This is the replacement! With the red blotches that show up as it is, the last thing I need to do is add more. Bronzer is a life-saver if you’re prone to getting red spots! And honestly, I just prefer tanned skin tones on myself. Grab some here!

Oh wait…let me rewind. The primer is for when I’m really about to take my time and do full coverage! So I don’t use it often, but probably should start if I want my concealer looking decent after hours of wearing it. Grab a bottle here! 

A concealer stick! This is for spot treatment, but luckily I don’t break out quite as bad as I used to. Get your own stick here!

Gucci lotion! WHOOP! This stuff smells amazing.

From left to right: Lip liner, white eyeliner and black eyeliner. I have a bunch of other funky eye colors, but these are really all I need. The white is for the anime character look! (Hint: it goes on the bottom).

For a “natural” look, I sometimes like to use mascara on it’s own with no other eye makeup. Grab it here and give it a try! 

Light blue lipstick because…why not?

Katy Kat matte lipstick! It’s a nice natural color.

An eyebrow trimmer because God knows I need it!

A blending sponge for the contour palette!

And last but certainly not least…brushes!

I’m curious what yours are, so tell me about the items in your cosmetic bag that you can’t live without!💙💜💗


Instagram: @stephaniepicss


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