Cat Rescue: Places to Donate and Make a Difference! 

To find out what your true purpose in this lifetime is, I believe that you must ask yourself: What would I do if money were no object? What do I do without expecting a reward, attention, or monetary gain?If you follow my Instagram or are a regular reader of my blog, you may have already guessed that I am a huge animal lover! I’ve been a cat mom since I was 2 years old and feel very passionately about helping strays, bringing animal abusers to justice and just making the world a safer, kinder place for cats and all animals. So why am I writing this article? To raise awareness, and hope that this information reaches enough people to make even a small difference.

When I see those sad, heart-wrenching commercials showing tortured animals and neglected strays, I want to cry because I wish I could just rescue them all! I feel helpless to stop it from happening because I am only one person. If I can’t wave a magic wand and make everything ok for these animals, or build a giant paradise big enough to house every neglected cat on the planet, I hope to make a difference through raising awareness and donating to trustworthy animal rescue causes. One of these days I just might get around to that giant paradise thing! 

When donating to a well-known big-name charity for any reason, there can be some concern about where your money is going and how much of it is really going directly to its intended purpose. Worry not! Aside from bringing supplies to a local shelter close to where you live, you can also donate to some small private charities and organizations. This way, you can see the difference you are directly making. That’s why I’ve completed a small list of cat rescue programs that are privately run and are always looking for donations and pledges to help with the costs of rescuing and caring for cats!

  • Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue

Ziggy and Friends is a non-profit based in California. They give cats on death row at the high-kill Downey Shelter a second chance. You can send pledges via their PayPal at Follow their Instagram at @ziggyandfriendscatrescue or visit their website here!

  • Nine Lives Foundation

Nine Lives is a no-kill non-profit also based in California. Their Instagram is @ninelivesfoundation and you can make a donation directly through their website here!

  • Fur Family Life

This is also a foster care! Their Instagram is @furfamilylife and you can make PayPal donations to them at

  • The Paw Project

This one is a little different. The Paw Project’s mission is to educate people on the negative effects of declawing cats and they strive to make declawing a thing of the past! Their Instagram is @thepawproject and you can make a donation to them on their website at Go to the tab “you can help” and click on “make a donation.”

  • Sunshine Rescue Project

Sunshine Rescue Project is a cat rescue project that also gives away beautiful gifts to their contributors! (Of course, that is not why you should donate! Hehee). Their Instagram is @sunshine_rescue_project and you can donate to them via

  • Bronx Stray Cats

Pretty self explanatory, this is a non-profit cat rescue based in the Bronx, NY. You can follow them on Instagram at @bronxstraycats and donate at They can be contacted by email at or search for Bronx Stray Cats on Facebook. Here is a link to their Amazon wishlist full of kitty supplies! 

  • The Animal Rescue Site

This is an animal rescue that gives food and care to shelter animals. They have a store at where you can buy all sorts of cute stuff! I bought a pair of slippers from them and plan on doing some holiday shopping on their site. Every purchase you make goes to fund food and care costs. When your order arrives, it comes with a tag that tells you how many bowls of food your purchase has funded! You can check them out on Instagram at @cuteanimalsperiod.

This list, of course, barely scratches the surface and there are many, many rescue foundations and foster care projects that need our help! If you know of any others, please leave a comment and let me know details! Thank you for reading!

Please hug your fur-babies extra tight today and let them know they are loved!💕😺

Photo Credit: Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue 


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