Today’s Oracle Message for my Readers (10/22/16)

Good morning everyone! I’ve pulled a message card for my readers again today from my Secret Language of Animals deck. Sorry it’s been a while…I will be trying to do this on Saturdays, but sometimes life’s distractions have me side-tracked! The card that called out to me today is the Fairy Wren. 

The Fairy Wren’s message is simple, but important nonetheless: the path to success is not a straight line, but has many twists and turns. We all should know this, but I find that it is so easily forgotten. This is usually what’s happening when we get frustrated with meeting our goals…both long and short-term. 

So use this as a reminder to stop and take a breath. If you are feeling overwhelmed just remind yourself…as long as you are working toward what your heart truly desires, you cannot possibly go down the wrong path! 


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