Today’s Oracle Message for my Readers (Oct 1st 2016)

Happy Saturday! I stumbled upon a new oracle card deck yesterday. Note: yesterday was a new moon! I’m a HUGE animal person, so i feel it was meant to be when I found this deck. It was the only one like it available in the store so I think it was waiting for me!

I’ve pulled a card this morning just for my readers, so this is a message for you from the spirit world for today (October 1st 2016). Since I know many of you are outside the US, please note this is for all time zones!

The White Rhino symbolizes stability, confidence, steadiness and abundance. The White Rhino’s message for you is to “stay grounded” and accept that you are far more powerful than you realize. To avoid “power struggles” with others, you need to spend time quietly meditating and focusing on your own power that resides deep within! Spend time today concentrating on your connection to the earth and its elements. Absorb the sunlight and feel your “roots” drawing energy from deep within Mother Earth!🌍🌎🌏

You can find this deck with book by author Chip Richards here!


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