Keep Your Mermaid Hair Bright!

 Pink, green, purple, blue, red and yellow have been the new black for a while now, so if you’ve ever decided to go funky with your hair color, you know that the fade struggle is real! I’ve been doing mermaid hair for quite a while, and in this post I will share what I have learned so far about keeping your color bright and beautiful!

If you’re deciding on a new color, the first thing to consider is which colors have the longest “life span.” Certain colors hold to your hair better than others. Below is a list of which colors I’ve found to fade the fastest vs. slowest.


-Dark purple/violet

-Dark blue

-Dark green

-Magenta or pink




-Fire-engine red

-Light pink

-Light blue/aqua



I haven’t had experience with orange or yellow, but if you have please feel free to leave a comment! I also have found that bright red (like the Little Mermaid) is the hardest color to maintain, at least on my head. But do keep in mind that every person’s hair is different.

Once you’ve chosen your desired color, there are steps you can take when applying it to make your hair absorb the color more effectively.


-Get your hair somewhat damp right before applying color. This will help the color spread more evenly.

-Leave it on as long as possible! The box will usually tell you to leave it on for about 20 minutes, but since most “funky” hair colors do not contain ammonia, you can bend the rules. I like to do my color in the evening and leave it on overnight! If this is your plan, wrap your hair in a plastic bag to keep the moisture in and the color off your pillow!

-Rinse with COOL water! When you first wash the dye out, don’t bother shampooing. Just rinse really well and use conditioner.

-Use DRY SHAMPOO as often as possible! This will help you avoid shampooing too much. Please note that dry shampoo is only effective at eliminating grease and oil from your hair and is not effective when your hair is actually “dirty.” I find that a can with pressurized air does a better job of cleaning than one that comes in a regular spray bottle. I use this one and really like it! 

-When you do shampoo, continue to use cold water. This can suck bigtime during the winter months, but I find the best method is to put your hair up while washing the rest of your body, and then wash your hair last as you turn the water cool. It’s best to use a fade defense system like this.

​I’d like to know what colors you’ve tried and what methods you’ve found that work for you, so please share some of your ideas in the comments!


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